LED:4,5W CW: 300lm

Padel 200

Paddle 200


Paddle 200

Projector for paddle compact size, great uniformity on the track and very high luminous efficiency (> 112 lm / W) for tracks used by demanding users where the level of lighting needs to be important.
Power supply 90-240Vac universal class I (with ground connection), Meanwell supply HLG series.
Very high efficiency LEDs with neutral light (20,000lm, CRI> 80, 100 lm / W) or cold light option (22,400lm, CRI> 70, 112lm / W).
Reflector specifically designed for paddle that allows excellent uniformity (> 0.7) on the track.
Internal independent LED driver.
Gradual ignition and integral thermal management = duration guarantee.


Especificaciones Técnicas

  • LED projector for paddle 200W

  • Luminous flux: 22,400 lm (CW) and 20,000 lm (NW)

  • Protection degree: IP65

  • AC universal class I

  • Specific reflector for Paddle

  • Dimensions: 300x250x100mm

  • Track Uniformity:> 0, 7

  • Applications: Lighting of paddle tennis training and competitions

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