LED:4,5W CW: 300lm

Microspot 10



Microspot 10

Light spot for embedding with IP65 protection degree, available in cold white as standard and optionally other light colors (blue, green, red).
Wide range DC power 9-18V (two wires) with constant brightness. Internal driver of constant current. Supplied with 30cm of cable. Aluminum structure with interior sealed with high resistance optical resin.

Technical specifications

  • Monochrome LED light spot 0.2W to embed

  • Luminous flux: 1800 mcd / 5lm (CW)

  • Protection degree: IP65

  • AC: CV 9-18Vdc

  • Outside diameter: 16.5mm

  • Total body length: 30mm

  • Recess: 13mm Ø

  • Applications: Signaling

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