LED:4,5W CW: 300lm

LUM55 mini AC

LUM 55 mini AC


Lum 55 mini AC

Projector with degree of protection IP65, available in different degrees of light opening and color temperatures for white light versions (standard product). Optionally available other colors of light (blue, green, amber)
AC class II power supply (two wires) with universal range 90-240V and cold current limitation. Supplied with 1m of cable.
Aluminum structure with high corrosion resistance coating.

Technical specifications

  • 12.5W LED single-color projector for surface

  • Luminous flux: 970 lm (CW)

  • Protection degree: IP65

  • AC universal class II

  • Optics: 25, 40 or 60º

  • Outside diameter: 130mm Ø

  • Height (with foot): 120mm

  • Applications: Lighting of facades, monuments, etc.

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