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LED lighting with 100% Spanish technology

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Created in 1991, Lumenara designs with its own R & D and manufactures LED lighting systems exclusively in Spain for more than 10 years, with spectacular, submerged, architectural and sports lighting ranges.

Elements manufactured entirely by Lumenara


Our philosophy

The quality management system of LUMENARA is designed so that the services provided by the organization: “Development, manufacture and marketing of luminaires with LED technology” are carried out correctly and efficiently, using the appropriate means for this and way to achieve maximum results.

To comply with the proposed objectives, the quality management system established by LUMENARA, based on the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015, is based on the following basic pillars established by the Directorate.

These principles are assumed by the Management, who disposes of the necessary means and provides its employees with sufficient resources for their fulfillment, expressing them and putting them in public knowledge through this Quality Policy.

  • Competition

    and leadership by senior management as a commitment to develop the Quality Management system.

  • Understand

    the context of the organization and determine the opportunities and risks thereof as a basis for planning actions to address them, assume them or treat them.

  • Establish

    objectives and goals focused on the evaluation of performance in terms of quality, as well as the continuous improvement in our activities, regulated in the Management System that develops this policy.

  • Motivate

    and train all personnel working in the organization, both for the proper performance of their job and to act in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Reference Standard, providing an adequate environment for the operation of the processes.

  • Evaluate

     and guarantee the technical competence of the personnel for the performance of their functions, as well as ensure the adequate motivation of the latter for their participation in the continuous improvement of our processes.

  • Guarantee

     a continuous analysis of all the relevant processes, establishing the pertinent improvements in each case, based on the results obtained and the established objectives.

  • Determine

     the internal and external stakeholders that are relevant to the quality management system and meet its requirements.

  • Ensure

     the satisfaction of our customers, including stakeholders in the results of the company, in everything related to the conduct of our activities and their impact on society.

  • Compliance

     with the requirements of the applicable and regulatory legislation to our activity, the commitments acquired with customers and interested parties and all those internal rules or guidelines for action to which LUMENARA is subject.

  • Maintenance

     of a fluid communication both internally, between the different levels of the company, as well as with customers.

  • Guarantee

     the correct state of the facilities and the appropriate equipment, in such a way that they are in correspondence with the activity, objectives and goals of the company.

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